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ZX-Badaloc Reloaded


ZX-Badaloc   Reloaded

A Spartan-3E FPGA implementation of the ZX-Badaloc Spectrum clone

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FPGA Configuration files Version 1.06:
Bitstream for USB or JTAG fpga configuration for the Nexys2 3E evaluation board. Also Includes the .mcs file for platform flash programming and the .ncd file to quickly update the bitstream with a new PicoBlaze firmware using the DATA2MEM Xilinx utility, which is included with picoblaze source code.


BootRom Firmware Version 1.01 (with source code):
Z80 firmware porting from ZX-Badaloc original project. Handles main menu, sd-card and ZX-Com communication.
Should be uploaded to the clone and/or programmed into the external SPI Flash chip (M25P16) at address $0F0000. SPI Flash programming can be carried out using the ZX-Com program itself. This screenshow shows the running firmware while an sd-card with a few snapshots has been found:


ZX-Com Program Version 5.4:
A Win32 control program (via RS-232 commands) developed for ZX-Badaloc and ZXmmc+, now with FPGA specific functions such as SPI Flash programming or quick firmware upload for debugging purposes. The source code is available through the original zx-badaloc project pages.

A backup of 16 sd-card snapshots is included: they can be restored to a new card and then loaded from the bootrom main menu.

Ten RS232-based snapshots are also included. They can be immediately uploaded to the clone, provided that the ROM layout is as required (SPI programming page not available yet).

The ROM layout is composed of several ROMs that should be programmed in subsequent 16KBytes banks into the SPI flash.
When the SPI flash is not available, it is possible to run 16/32K roms one at once by uploading them in BANK_0 via ZX-Com software and RS-232 port. It should be noted that many provided snapshopt require the correct rom layout to run (but they can be edited to tell them that the rom is in bank 0.

Garry Lancaster's ResiDOS for ZX-Badaloc
This is a snapshot of ResiDos 2.25 installer by Garry Lancaster and can be uploaded to the clone using the ZX-Com program.