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Implementing the ZX-Badaloc Clone into an FPGA

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FPGA Programming file Version 1.32b
Bitstream for USB or JTAG fpga configuration for the Xilinx 3E evaluation board. Includes the .ncd file to quickly update the bitstream with a new PicoBlaze firmware using the DATA2MEM Xilinx utility, which is included with picoblaze source code.


BootRom Firmware Version 0.99
Beta version of bootrom firmware porting from ZX-Badaloc original project, to be programmed into SPI Flash chip (M25P16 on the xilinx board) at address $0F0000. SPI Flash programming can be carried out using the ZX-Com program.


ZX-Com Program Version 5.2b
A Win32 control program (via RS-232 commands) developed for ZX-Badaloc and ZXmmc+, now with FPGA specific functions such as SPI Flash programming or quick firmware upload for debugging purposes. The source code is available through the original zx-badaloc project pages.

A backup of 16 sd-card snapshots is included. They can be restored to a new card and then loaded from the bootrom main menu.

Ten RS232-based snapshots are also included. They can be immediately uploaded to the clone.


ROM Pack
All roms needed to run the clone with current bootrom menu layout, with bank number in the filename

Garry Lancaster's ResiDOS for ZX-Badaloc
This is a snapshot of latest ResiDos by Garry Lancaster and can be uploaded to the clone by means of the ZX-Com program.

Tiny Bootloader Version 1.20
This program is coded into the FPGA programming file and will be executed by the embedded Z80 processor on power-on. The source code is available for download as a reference.

PicoBlaze firmware Version 1.12
This program is coded into the FPGA programming file and will be executed by the embedded PicoBlaze processor on power-on. Included in the zip file is the Xilinx assembler and the DATA2MEM Xilinx utility which can be used to update the code directly into the fpga programming file (badaloc_fpga.bit). Use ASM.BAT to assemble and build all files. For this thing to work, both the .bit and .ncd files should be copied to the same working directory.


Previous versions archive



VGA Modification
Needed if you want the BRIGHTNESS ZX-Spectrum's screen attribute to be displayed on your VGA monitor.


Tape, SD-Card and Joystick interfaces are all built on a single, small board. Here you will find separated documents just because any block was added at different times, during the project development.

Tape Interface photos and schematic.

SD-Card photos and schematic, also includes the Tape Interface.

Joystick interface photos and schematic. Photos also show Tape and SD-Card hardware, on the same board.


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